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Quality Eye Care. Always.

Dr. Rebecca Law’s mission is to provide quality eye care the way she would want it received. Connecting with her patients and building a relationship with them is the reason she went into this profession.

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  1. Comprehensive Eye Exam
  2. Pediatric Eye Exam
  3. Contact Lens Fitting
  4. Medical Office Visit
  5. LASIK Co-Management
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"It was an amazing experience. Great conversation and great recommendations from the doctor. 10/10"

Shaunee E.

"Dr. Law is very knowledgeable and shared so much helpful information about overall eye health and my prescription. That was probably the best eye exam I've ever had."

Catherine N.

"Super helpful! I personally love that I was shown what my eyes were at, vs now with new lenses. I think that’s the first time that’s happened and it was cool to know!"

Victoria T.

"Dr. Law made recommendations for me that allowed me to see without reading glasses, and changed my life. :) Great practitioner!"

Lian A.

"I felt Rebecca was very informative, patient, and treated me with great care! I made the best choice with coming here today. Thank you!"

Deanna C.

"Really great optometrist and very thorough."

Bradley C.